Saturday, October 01, 2005

More on Withdraw from Iraq

Over at the Emerging Democratic Majority, Ruy Teixeira has an interesting post discussing polling data on Iraq and Katrina. Popular opinion has been shifting away from earlier support for the war toward a greater interest in withdraw based on the events in Iraq. But the Katrina aftermath is also leading people to feel that the resources being expend in Iraq might better be spent on needs here at home. As I've written elsewhere, I believe that one hallmark of this administration has been to direct resources away from where they are needed and into enterprises that are of very little value. Apparently, this sentiment is becoming more common.

This national desire to redirect resources to more local threats could also be used to help the nation view reductions in force in Iraq not as "cutting and running" but as a reallocation of resources and thus make the decision less demoralizing and therefore more politically acceptable.

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