Sunday, November 06, 2005

Add Sen. Rockefeller to the List

I posted the other day that Sen. John Kerry had come out saying that he got it wrong supporting the Iraq war, now Sen. John Rockefeller has joined him. And, of course, Richard Gephardt had done so earlier. The remaining Democrats that voted to grant Bush the authority for the war need to reexamine their positions and more of them need to join this group that admit it was wrong. That is the first part of the narrative that the Democrats need to put forth. I agree with Chris Bowers over at MyDD that it is early yet for the Democrats to be putting forth specific proposals for Iraq. That will come in due time. I still advocate that the Democrats should consider arguing that Iraq has been like the bloody angle at Spotsylvania, or the Anzio beachhead in WWII, an attack that has failed and where we need to redirect our forces back to Afghanistan. But those proposals can come next year.

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