Thursday, September 21, 2006

Please, a Different Tact

Look I think Atrios is great, and no one can be too happy with the way things are playing out right now with the Bush torture bill, but this is surely the wrong tact to take at this point. Rather than we telling the world that the Democrats look like crap, how about trying a positive message. For example, "The Republicans have now shown that the country cannot trust them to hold Bush accountable. The Democrats will now show how it should be done, and will be done when they take control of the House and Senate." See positive, not negative.

I'm not talking about starry eyed, Panglossian optimism. Rather I'm thinking of William the Conqueror tripping on the beach after landing in England, standing up immediately and saying "See, I grab England with both my hands." It's a matter of taking a positive attitude in the face of failure. Yes, this is what Bush does to a fault, but doing so to a somewhat less insane level would be good for us on the left.

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