Wednesday, April 18, 2007

FBI Raids Congressman's home

Latest reports are that the Viginia home of Rep. John Doolittle was raided by the FBI last Friday. Now this raid would be in relation to the Abramoff scandal. Clearly, although it hasn't been in the news for several months, that investigation is still underway and still producing results. I would suspect as well that the FBI is not casually raiding the homes of Congressmen, so there is probably something pretty significant already uncovered. The Republican party can hardly continue to function with these issues popping up one after the other. None of the various scandals has been resolved completely before new ones pop up. And with the Democrats pushing their oversight role in Congress this is only going to get worse for the GOP. Keep watching is all I can say.

Update: More on the raid and the Doolittle relationship to Abramoff in the Washington Post. Incidentally the Post is claiming that the near simultaneous resignation of Kevin Ring, former legislative director to Doolittle, from the lobbying firm of Barnes & Thornburg was a coincidence. Ring was also implicated in the Abramoff scandal and it had been thought that the two events were linked.

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