Monday, April 09, 2007

Obama is out of the CBC/Fox Debate

Well with Obama, the only member of the CBC running for president, joining Edwards declining to participate in the debate, this debate is all but dead. This is very good news for the progressive position. Fox News should not, must not be portrayed as a legitimate news organization, certainly by progressives and Democrats. Democrats would in general be wary of offending the CBC, but with Obama out, everyone else has cover. This is another example too of the degree to which the inside the beltway Democratic consultants are so out of touch with the American voters. The CBC obviously thought that setting up a debate with Fox News was a good idea, but the backlash from within their constituency, and now this, has to be a serious blow. The folks in charge really need to start listening to the folks on the front line, for their own sakes. On the plus side, this has to put Fox News very much back on their heels. After Nevada and now this, there is no chance that there will be a Fox News/Democratic debate. Fox is very rapidly becoming to all eyes a tool of the Republican party. As that happens, their influence will rapidly decline.

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