Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wolfowitz is Out

The amazing thing is the shamelessness of these people. After intense pressure he is finally resigning, but he will stay on until June 30 so as to get a $400,000 bonus. Given the embarrassment and loss of prestige that he has cost the United States, he is still grubbing for cash. I find the times we are lining in amazing. The supporters of this administration seem, to me, to admire them because the administration is perceived to be high class, elegant and mannered. Consider the David Broder quote from the 90's regarding Clinton coming in and "trashing" the place. The Bush administration is seen to be the opposite. There are numerous stories of the press being won over on the Bush campaign trail over the fine, elegant treatment.

Yet for all that impression, these things like the Wolfowitz saga, Bush with the Queen, Cheney shooting his friend in the face and on and on, I can only conclude that these people are among the most ill mannered, boorish clods ever assembled in one place.

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