Saturday, September 01, 2007

Larry Craig

Caught this post over at TPM and I have to disagree with Ezra and offer another version of how Sen Craig could have kept his job. I think the most important observation from Josh is the following: " For one thing, he pleaded guilty, which effectively sealed his fate." Had Craig pleaded innocent, he probably would have lost the case (from what I gather considering reporting about similar cases.) But I suspect that had he argued he was set up and railroaded by an out of control Democratic prosecution, Scooter Libby anyone. After all, if Patrick Fitzgerald can be an out of control Democratic prosecution then whoever was involved in the arrest and prosecution of Larry Craig can be portrayed that way. Had Sen. Craig not only insisted upon his innocence, but also redoubled his support of George Bush, the right wing noise machine would be solidly behind him discrediting any witnesses against him and supporting him to the hilt. The one great and unacceptable error in conservative circles is to admit that you are wrong, no matter what the evidence says. Consider the Iraq war for example.

Update: See this from TPM and consider if I'm right on this.

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