Sunday, August 31, 2008

FEMA and Gustav

This article is good news. It would appear that FEMA is a great deal better prepared for this storm than they were for Katrina. Gustav may well be an even stronger storm than was Katrina, so all the preparations will likely be tested. But it would appear, for example, that the evacuation is already going quite well. It will be impossible, I imagine to get absolutely everyone out, but it would seem that all those who want to evacuate to safer groud will be able to do so.

Another article pointing out that Emergency teams around the nation are on alert to help out.

Another article from the Wall Street Journal is somewhat less rosey about the revamped FEMA, but still somewhat encouraging. The next week or so will show us what has been fixed and what still needs to be done.

Our thoughts go out to the people of the region and we hope that the worst of the problems have all been solved. May there be no loss of life and the people there be safe and secure.

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