Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Win

It would seem that Obama is soon to have a chance to sign the stimulus bill, and none too soon I should say.  I am not sure if this is the best bill that could be produced, or if this is exactly what the country needs, but it is pretty good.  I heard some of the Republican House leadership complaining about the final product and going on about the need for small business tax cuts instead.  Are there really that many people who don't understand that a tax cut is of no value to a small business, if the business has no customers with money to buy its products or services?  Sigh.

But what I really wanted to comment on was this at TPM.  A reader there has noted that the bill that is currently being agreed to would appear to be nearly exactly what Obama originally asked for.  This is an impressive comment, as the TPM reader notes, for a new President.  But it also illustrates something that we on the left will have to get used to (and for what its worth I applaud) namely that with Obama we will see little gloating over enemies who are completely vanquished, but we will see many victories.  I believe that with this style we will see more victories, although we shall see less suffering from our opponents.  In all a better way to go.

While I'm on the general subject, I'll also comment on a theme I've seen discussed at various places on the left blogs (sorry I have no link for this).  There is a sort of debate as to whether Obama has demonstrated some brilliant rope-a-dope or jujitsu (insert metaphor of your choice) on his opponents.  The whole laying back at the beginning while the Republicans seemed to have their way was all part of the plan.  Look, I admire the guy, but I doubt this is interpretation is the case.  Rather his skill is different from some super genius chess player, rather he is skilled at adapting to the current situation and will change strategy or tactics appropriately in response.  Such a skill can seem like brilliant planning, and is, in fact, more valuable.  Really, I think it is safe to say that his initial plan did not work as he intended, the Republicans proved more determined to oppose at all costs than he expected.  When that became clear, he adapted.  My opinion at any rate.

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