Monday, December 28, 2009

President's Response to Terror Attempt

Excellent post at Kos about the President's response to an effort to blow up a plane. However, this is about Bush's response, or lack thereof, to Richard Reed's attempt to explode a shoe bomb in 2001.
The long and the short of it is that like Obama, Bush did not make any major announcement, did not become immediately involved in the case. Like Obama he monitored the events, but essentially left law enforcement and the courts handle it. The two men responded in much the same way.
Now to be clear, I think Obama's response to this terrorist attempt was correct, and I have no problem with Bush's. Both are handling it (or handled it) in a similar manner and both responses are, I believe, correct. The point here is to the radical difference in the reaction to this approach coming from conservatives. Though Bush and Obama reacted in the same way, somehow to conservatives Bush was admirable and Obama is being a failure. And before anyone claims equal measure of hypocrisy by both Democrats and Republicans, no elected Democrats or officials of the Democratic party offered criticisms of Bush for his handling of this manner. None called him to task for doing to little or failing to be concerned.

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