Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Iraqi Elections

I'm pleased to see that the Iraqi elections went fairly well. This is a good thing and we can hope that it might indicate better times there to come. Much as I have had very grave doubts about this war, Sunday's elections were good news. There is much still to be done in Iraq and we will need to keep vigilant and to work hard. Also, while there is danger is being too jubilant, and many aspects of this election were not desirable, I do feel that we can be cautiously optimistic with the way things went on Sunday.

We can also stand in awe and amazement at the courage of the many Iraqi people who braved death and injury to participate in the elections. That is something that can only provoke admiration and hope for the future of the country. As I said, there are many trials still ahead, but the bravery and dedication of so many Iraqis is very encouraging for all who hope for peace, democracy and stability.



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