Friday, September 09, 2005

FEMA updates

I'm starting a new entry to record more recent problems and complaints related to FEMA and the Federal response.

Here's a link to a Kansas City Star report on events in New Orleans during the crisis. It is very favorable to the locals and harsh on FEMA. You'll have to sign up with the KC Star to read the whole article.

FEMA fails to accomplish anything in St. Tammany Parish.

Canadian Mounties reach New Orleans sooner than FEMA.

Fire fighters used only for handing out fliers.

Foreign aid offered but delayed by US government.

FEMA director screwed up in Florida last year too. The Sun Sentinel reports Brown misdirected $31Million to areas of Florida not hit by the hurricane and called for his firing then, and they repeat the call now.

A radio station to be set up at the Astrodome to help provide information for evacuees and help in locating loved ones has been put on hold although it is ready to run.

Delays caused by lack of military aircraft, aircraft that are now in Iraq.

The folks in Mississippi get much the same treatment from FEMA as NO. This pionts up something that I've been guilty of here, as have much of the reporting of the Hurricane. Most of my comments and reports are focused on New Orelans. That is by no means the only area badly hit or needing attention. Please, if you're using this site for information to pressure State and Federal officials to pay attention to those stricken by the Hurricane, don't forget about the rest of the Gulf Coast region. See also this post on MyDD and this at GOTV describing the unfortunate state of afairs along the Gulf Coast.

Ok, more documents showing that FEMA was aware of the problems it would face and should have been on top of the situation.

[Update Sun. Sep 11, 2005 15:37 Eastern] This post on the Hurricane Pam exercise should be read by all.

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