Saturday, September 17, 2005

Servile Society - Part II

The Republican view of the servile society does not end with the distribution of the monetary costs of defending property. It extends further into where the manpower will be found to defend property. From Limbaugh, Cheney and Bush who all managed to avoid actually facing combat in Viet Nam to todays Jonah Goldberg and Bush twins, there is a clear preference for having other people take care of the difficult job of actually fighting the war. Now there is some merit to the argument that not everyone who supports a war is required to be part of the military. But what makes Operation Yellow Elephant so effective is the striking trend among supporters of the war to refuse service. It's not just that one or another conservative who is a passionate supporter of the war has declined to join up, it is that nearly all (if not in fact all) of the most vocal supporters of the war have "other commitments." I think this is just another example of the servile society. These conservative Republicans believe that they themselves need to be protected, but that some other class of people should provide the bodies needed to do that protecting. Again, the wealthy, propertied class will enjoy security and protection provided to them by the servile class.

Again, I do not find this a desirable state of affairs.

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