Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Orleans School Buses

Media matters has a good summary of the New Orleans school bus issue here. It would seem that the number of such buses available before the storm has been exaggerated. The actual number would be about 700 not 2000, as some have claimed.

I still have not seen any answer to the question as to where Nagin was supposed to evacuate the additional 100,000 residents. I've written elsewhere about the various difficulties faced in trying to remove these people from the New Orleans city limits. Buses, and other city resources, were used to get people to the Superdome, however. Beyond that I can't see how the buses should have been used. Taking people off of other pre-storm duties just to move those school buses to higher ground in preparation for the after storm period seems like a waste of people before the storm. Furthermore, there should not have been much difficulty rounding up buses in southern Louisiana after the storm. I suspect that most bus routes were suspended for the first several days after the hurricane passed so buses should have been available if the right contacts had been made.

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