Friday, September 09, 2005

Thought on the Roberts nomination

I'll get to Roberts in a moment but first, Matt Yglesias over on Tapped has a good response to Byron York regarding the Mike Brown nomination as head of FEMA. Seems democrats did little to investigate Brown and approved him. As Matt says, however, "I'll happily cop, as a personal matter, to having simply assumed that the Bush administration didn't appoint a totally unqualified hack to this important but low-profile job and to have somewhat erred in doing so." Now given that the right wingers are arguing that it's our fault for letting such an unqualified hack get confirmed I think we would be well advised to insist that we need to investigate John Roberts very thoroughly.

Indeed the question I would like to pose to the Bush administration is this "So you're saying that John Roberts is every bit as qualified to be chief justice of the Supreme Court as Mike Brown is to be head of FEMA?"

Certainly the Democrats need to reject the Republican argument that the Senate must accept this nomination just on President bush's promise that he is really qualified. The nomination process has clearly broken down, the confirmation process must now be that much more thorough.

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