Sunday, September 25, 2005

War Supporters?

Shakespeare's Sister has a report on the state of Bush's voluntary fundraising campaign to support the Iraq war. However, to date the amount raised has been "modest" to say the least, about $600. (That's 600, not 600 thousand or million or something, 600). Her article here
gives more references and commentary.

I've got just one thing to add. This is exactly in keeping with my talk of the conservative view and the Servile Society, here and here. The conservative view today is while they feel this war is needed and they demand that this country fight it they also believe quite firmly that other people should pay the bill and other people should sacrifice their lives to win this war. The acceptance of the notion that modern conservatism is about everybody takes care of himself and personal responsibility is nonsense. The conservative view is that the country should provide an environment in which conservatives can do well and toward which the conservatives contribute nothing. They wish to be taken care of far more than any other segment of society.

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