Sunday, October 09, 2005

Change needed in Iraq

The linked article in the LA Times details the growing official, military questioning of the administrations policy in Iraq.

As the article says:
The expectation that political progress would bring stability has been fundamental to the Bush administration's approach to rebuilding Iraq, as well as a central theme of White House rhetoric to convince the American public that its policy in Iraq remains on course.

But within the last two months, U.S. analysts with access to classified intelligence have started to challenge this precept, noting a "significant and disturbing disconnect" between apparent advances on the political front and efforts to reduce insurgent attacks.

and further noting that after two and a half years of war the insurgency has been growing
Despite what Bush on Thursday called "incredible political progress" in Iraq since
Saddam Hussein's fall 2 1/2 years ago, the Iraqi insurgency has grown in strength and sophistication. From about 5,000 Hussein loyalists using leftover Iraqi army equipment, it has mushroomed into a disparate yet potent force of up to 20,000 equipped with explosives capable of knocking out even heavily armored military vehicles.

"The surface political process has stumbled forward, but the insurgency came up and kind of stayed that way," said a U.S. government analyst with access to classified intelligence. Several analysts, who spoke on condition of anonymity while discussing intelligence, indicated that initial evidence of the disconnect began to surface in the spring — after Iraq's first national elections on Jan. 30 — and it has gradually become clearer since.

The analysts and officials stating these views are still not stating their position on the record, hardly surprising considering the sensitivity to the claims and this administrations record of retaliation against whistle blowers.

Read the article, but it indicates a growing trend (see, for example this)among those who know what is going on that support for the administration's policy is weakening rapidly.

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