Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Unauthorized Reproduction

Apparently, Republican lawmakers in Indiana are drafting legislation to apply criminal penalties for "unauthorized reproduction". Check the link, and also this post at Kos. This is amazing, but hardly a surprising outcome given the Republican party's current positions. I've been amazed over the years how little attention is paid to one of the implications of the Roe v Wade decision and opposition to the decision. Given the reasoning of the opponents to Roe the State constitutionally has the power to forbid abortions. True. But if the State has the power to forbid abortions, then it also has the constitutional power to require them, or inject itself into decisions regarding reproduction however the state might feel. Given the reasoning behind Roe, however, there could be no justification for the state requiring abortions, or injecting itself into reproductive decisions as is the Indiana legislature.

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