Sunday, October 02, 2005

End Times?

Atrios points out the absurd regularity with which people view various problems as being apocalyptic. From gay marriage will ruin society, to environmentalist claims that we will destroy life on earth, to right-wing fears that Islamic terrorists will destroy the US, we do frequently see the dangers we face as absolute. There is an odd tendency to view problems as either fatal or non-existent. Or in terms of terrorism, for example, that there are two possible states, the terrorists are about to wipe us out or there is nothing to worry about. I tend to believe that reality falls between these two extremes.

For an historical example, I would say that the current management of the US government would be like that of GM during the late '70s and early '80s. They made lousy cars for many years. This was bad for the company. Not fatal, GM still exists, but it was bad. GM would be better off, even today, if they had spent those years making good cars. Likewise, for all my harsh words for this administration, it will not destroy this country. It is bad for the country, but it won't destroy it.



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