Monday, October 17, 2005


I have an ulterior motive in putting together the previous list titled Republican Leadership. I wanted some place to try and keep track of the various failures and scandals that have been plaguing this nation the past five years. But I also think that it would be very beneficial for Democrats if they would try and link these scandals together whenever possible. It has been frustrating to watch each of these scandals come and go, and sometimes reappear, but without reaching the kind of critical mass that it seems they should. I believe that a problem the Democrats have had, has been treating these as separate events. The Republicans have been able, so far, to deal with each issue individually. The Democrats would do well to keep the pressure on, on as many fronts as possible.

So, for example, any mention of the Plame investigation should also mention Katrina Leung or Larry Franklin or Leandro Aragoncillo. As various scandals have fallen in the memory hole, Democrats can include them as asides in talking up other issues. So, a brief mention of Nick Smith in the midst of a discussion of Delay or Frist or Abramoff would be helpful.

This linking technique could be very valuable for the Sunday talking heads. A lot can be gained by a brief mention of one of the other scandals while discussing the main issue. So on a discussion of Karl Rove, mention Katrina Leung or Nick Smith is some appropriate way. A number of things are gained.
  • Otherwise forgotten scandals are brought back to the forefront, even if only briefly

  • The opposition is put in a tough place. They must either let the reference to the side scandal go unchallenged, or they must take time away from addressing the main point.

  • It helps build in the public mind that there exists a general climate of scandal around this administration

In this strategy I would like to see Democrats all over making reference to these many scandals as often as can be done. Perhaps there could be some coordination, so that the same four or five ancillary scandals are being mentioned by many people each week. At any rate, I encourage all who wish to see actual honor and actual integrity in the White House, to make as much use of these issues as can be done.

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