Sunday, November 06, 2005

Foreign Relations

Looking at Bush's reception in South America it becomes powerfully clear how thoroughly this administration has trashed the image of America overseas. It is true that we cannot be slavishly devoted to foreign opinion, but at the same time alliances and the good will of others around the world is of great value. Alliances mean that you have more resources to handle whatever troubles might arise, and having additional resources can only help. Also, while it is sometimes the case that everyone around you believes you are wrong even though you in fact see things more clearly than anyone else (they laughed at Galileo after all). However, generally the reason that everyone else thinks you are wrong is because you are, in fact, wrong. For this reason too, it is well to keep up the good opinion of other nations. Abandoning that good opinion should only be done for something of great value. But for what valuable thing has Bush squandered our good name? Iraq? I cannot see that this nation is gaining anything from that adventure, certainly nothing as valuable as the good relations we once had with the rest of the world.

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