Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Band of Brothers

There is an impressive crop of military vets who are running for office this year. Follow the link to a new website that a group of them are setting up called Band of Brothers . What is interesting to note about this group is that in spite of the decades long claim from the right wing that Democrats have no support in the military, the 36 members of this group are all running as Democrats. What is even more telling is that only about 2 military vets are running as Republicans. There is clearly a fair measure of frustration within the armed forces with this Republican administration.

So for any of you who actually do support our military personnel, and value what they have to say, check out this group. I for one think that they are a welcome addition to the Democratic party. The Democratic has always had the utmost respect for the our fellow citizens who take on the awful responsibilities of being a soldier, sailor or marine. These candidates are warnly welcomed in the party and are recieving strong support. See for example here and here.

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