Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Good Night for the Democrats

Well it has turned out to be a very good night for the Democrats so far. Yes the Reform Ohio Now initiatives lost badly and Bloomberg won in New York, but otherwise the news is good for the Democratic party. But also it seems to be a very bad night for George Bush. Today's results are clearly, in part, an unfavorable reforendum on his leadership.

Kaine wins solidly in Virginia 52 to 46, winning a clear majority of the vote. George Bush visited Virginia on Sunday to campaign for Kilgore. At the time he arrived the polls showed the race neck-and-neck. The President's visit, however, provided the vital surge which put the Democrat Kaine over the top.

Likewise Corzine has trounced Forrester 53 to 43, with about half the votes in. With another Democratic victory the Republicans, with Bush as leader, can't make much headway.

On an even clearer repudiation of the Bush leadership, the mayor of St. Paul, Randy Kelly, was soundly defeated by Chris Coleman. Kelly had famously supported George Bush in 2004 and the voters of St. Paul made clear their opinion of that.

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