Monday, January 16, 2006


Digby gets some advice from one William G. Henders. This is classic wingnut drivel. But I do want to make a few points.

1) It is quite absurd, indeed spineless and pathetic to compare the United States and the "Islamofascists" as equals in this competition, as Mr. Henders does. If the United States is an Iditerod dog team, the 'enemy' is some minor player that could injure us, but has no chance of "winning" in any meaningful sense. Our competitors are China, India, Russia, and perhaps Japan and Europe, not Al Qaeda.

2) The left's complaint with regards to Bush is not that he is going too fast or occasionally heading to close to a cliff. The complaint is that while our objective is clearly to the North, he his heading resolutely to the South East.

3) The "...purpose served by "fouling the traces" through criticism of the leader..." is to keep the sled more on track and to get it to function at peak efficiency. That is what the criticisms do, that is all they do, and without the criticisms the sled cannot function at peak efficiency. Clearly with the current leader, peak efficiency is pretty poor, but nonetheless that is the only purpose served.

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