Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Democratic Legislature Does Right Thing for Maryland

Received from the Democratic Party of Maryland. Legislature passed a hike in the minimum wage.
(Reprinted article below)

This morning the Maryland General Assembly raised Maryland’s minimum wage by $1 per hour, from $5.15 to $6.15, overriding Governor Robert Ehrlich’s 2005 veto. Before the increase, Maryland had one of the lowest minimum wages in the nation.

“Raising the minimum wage is the right thing to do for Maryland workers, working families and businesses,” said Maryland Democratic Party chair Terry Lierman. “It is shocking that Governor Ehrlich wants to spend record amounts of taxpayer money while denying those most in need an opportunity to live a more comfortable life.”

The minimum wage increase will help almost 60,000 families in our State. Businesses also benefit as higher wages lead to increased sales. A recent poll shows that 67 percent of Marylanders support the minimum wage increase.

Lierman added that “even with this modest, common-sense wage increase, many Maryland families will still fall behind as the cost of living increases faster than their incomes.”

Maryland is the 3rd wealthiest state in the nation. Lierman said that “we have a long way to go before working families can share in some measure of Maryland’s prosperity, but increasing the minimum wage takes us one small step in the right direction.”

Lierman praised the numerous advocacy organizations including Progressive Maryland that led the charge for a minimum wage increase.

“The minimum wage increase is about fairness and investing in our work force and our future,” said Lierman.

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