Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Support the Troops

Of course, the past several days have been filled with the report, and commentary on the report, by the Washington Post on the conditions at Walter Reed. The report consists of part one and part two. Read them, they are eye opening, terrible, and a disgrace to this nation. Another report can be found at the Army Times. Or, for a complete listing of this issue go to America Blog and read throughout.

More shocking, perhaps, than the conditions at Walter Reed and the treatment of our soldiers returning from Iraq, though those are atrocious, have been the responses from the White House, and the administration. The Tony Snow response today was pretty much - this is somebody elses's problem, why are you bothering us. These people really do think in terms of a servile class and a privileged class (to which they belong), and our soldiers are just servants to be used and discarded solely for the well being of the privileged few.

Note the difference from the Democrats on the same issue. Expect that some action will soon be taken and that, via Congressional action, some improvement will be made. The White House will not do, or accomplish, anything.

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