Friday, February 16, 2007

Which Resolution?

I think John in DC has a good proposal with regards to Senate vote on the Iraq War. Of course, his proposal is rather like what I suggest here, so I suppose I should approve. What John suggests is that Sen. Harry Reid put forth a resolution offering up George Bush's surge proposal. No tricks in the language, just have the Senate vote up or down on what it is George Bush is proposing to do. Check John's post over at America Blog for the details. Rather than try and get a debate on whether or not the Senate opposes George Bush's surge, simply get a vote on whether or not the Senate supports the surge. The Democrats will, clearly, not vote in support, but what do Republicans do? Do they vote to support in opposition to the wishes of the majority of their constituents? Do they oppose the surge and leave open the question of why then are they not supporting efforts to end it? Do they oppose an opportunity to support the President? I certainly think that the plan has merit

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