Monday, January 22, 2007

Sub 30

Poll: Bush Approval Rating At New Low, On Eve Of State Of Union, President's Approval Rating Falls To 28%, A New Low - CBS News
Look, for reality based folks, and for our forces in Iraq, Bush's approval has been a slow tortuous decline. Unfortunately, that is the way these things go. People just do not immediately give up on something they have invested in. But as we are seeing now, his approval will only decline. Likewise, as I've written earlier, it will take some time for opposition in the House and Senate to grow until Bush can be made irrelevant. It will happen, and it will happen this year, I believe. Probably before the summer is out. Also note here how the congressional dynamic is changing already. Sen. John Warner is going to introduce a resolution in opposition to escalation. Warner is a very influential Senator on the Republican side. His loss to the opposition will seriously change the willingness of other Republicans to support the President. Recall that for anything to be done, we will eventually need some 16 or 17 Republican Senators to support the opposition.

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Update [9:40 PM 01/22/2007] And look at this from the AP. More on Warner's defection, and Sen. Susan Collins and Sen. Norm Coleman have joined the fun. The number of defecting Republicans in the Senate is up to five, and Warner counts for a lot.

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