Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What's in a Name?


I have to say that I'm with Mark on this. Of course, the devil is in the details, but I think that any effort to try and define this election as a victory for conservatism can easily be played to our advantage. If the policies being pursued are a minimum wage, lower taxes on the middle class, restoration of sensible tax rates on the wealthiest, general social libertarianism, a respect for the results of science and a general concern for the environment, then I can put up with them being called 'conservative' or 'moderate-conservative', especially in a nation where much of the population considers itself to be 'conservative'. If we can then get the current policies of the Republican leadership to be labeled as radical, we're set.

The one fly in this ointment though (or the devil in these details to keep my metaphors straight) is this; what is the Democratic leadership actually thinking? If they are buying this election is a victory for 'conservatives' so that they can buy into yet more tax cuts for the wealthy, or privatizing social security or some other bad policy, then we need to stop that thinking now. I would recommend therefore that you contact your representative and tell them how happy you are with this victory and <i>what policies you would like to see enacted, and which policies you do not want to see supported</i>. You have made your voice heard, make it heard again.

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