Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our Press Corps

A beautiful indication of where our press corps is today can be read in this article by Howard Fineman in Newsweek Fineman writes:
Presidential elections are high school writ large, of course, and that is especially true when, as now, much of the early nomination race is based in the U.S. Capitol.

Read the whole article, but this quote is priceless, because it is really awful, and because he really means it. For most of the country the choice of elected officials is a matter of some importance, especially with our armed forces in the line of danger. But I have come to believe that folks like Fineman, the leaders of our discourse, actually feel that it is no more that "high school writ large". That is sad, truly sad.

I can't resist one more comment. From the end of his article
Sometimes they are cheered. Sometimes they are booed. Sometimes—and this is the worst fate—they get laughed at silently.

Yes Howard, sometimes they do get laughed at silently. I am quite sure that is true.

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