Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bush's invitation to Congress

Apparently Bush has a new proposal for resolving the impasse between the White House and Congress over the funding for the Iraq war. His proposal is to have leaders from both parties in Congress come to the White House where he will explain what he wants again and will refuse to negotiate or compromise in any way. Josh Marshall and Kevin Drum are covering it so far. Needless to say this is classic Bush style, my way or the highway. What reason Democrats would have to take this offer up is a complete mystery as is what the White House really expects to accomplish with it. But it strikes me that there is something implied by this as well. If the White House really thinks that vetoing the existing bill is such a winner for them, why make any kind of offer (however worthless). It seems to me that this offer, as it is, is driven by two things, the White House refusal to compromise or cooperate on anything, but also, the White House does not want to veto the existing bill. It is finally sinking in that their old talk tough approach has lost its appeal to the American voter and they stand a fair chance of being crushed if they do veto the bill. This is a clear a sign of desperation on the part of this White House that you will ever get so Democrats, please stand tough.

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