Thursday, April 19, 2007

Courage at VT

From Ali Eteraz, via The Moderate Voice comes a story of heroic bravery at VT. Apparently two students were lying in a classroom after the shooter had come and left. One was injured, the other not, but both were pretending to be dead in an effort to stay alive. Cho came back to finish off anyone left alive and was coming close to shoot the uninjured one, when the injured student made a movement and drew Cho's fire, loosing his life in the process. Cho then left leaving the one student alive. I find this particularly relevant after the kind of awful commentary coming from parts of the right wing blogsphere having the audacity to question, in the most insulting terms possible, the courage of these students. See my earlier post, and related linkes, concerning Derbyshire and Blake for example. For anyone to question the courage of any who survived the ordeal in Virginia is, in my mind, unconscionable.

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