Thursday, April 12, 2007

Deleted emails, how could that have happened?

Things are moving fast in the whole purgegate story. The latest is that the White House employees have been using Republican party servers for sending and receiving email rather than White House servers. This is an illegal end run around federal requirements that all public correspondence be saved. The White House now claims that many of these emails got lost, gosh darn. According to Froomkin
Countless e-mails to and from many key White House staffers have been deleted -- lost to history and placed out of reach of congressional subpoenas -- due to a brazen violation of internal White House policy that was allowed to continue for more than six years, the White House acknowledged yesterday.
According to CREW the count is actually somethinig above five MILLION (that's right million) missing emails. The explanations coming from this Administration are simply not credible. For example
Stanzel said that "some people" may have used their non-government accounts for official business due to "an abundance of caution" in order to avoid violating the Hatch Act, which prohibits the use of government e-mail for overtly political purposes, such as fundraising -- and due to "logistical convenience."
This Administration that put together a power point presentation to show how the GSA could help elect Republicans had "an abundance of caution" to avoid violating the Hatch Act. Please. They were aggressively trying to violate the Hatch Act.

Any reasonable person must conclude that they set up an illegal system for sending and receiving email that facilitated destroying the email so that they could cover up activities that were even more illegal. Yes, it is true that no one should suffer criminal penalties until proven guilty of a recognized crime via due process. But it is clear from the existing circumstantial evidence that this White House is up to its ears in illegal activities. There is now plenty of evidence to warrant a thorough investigation.

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