Monday, April 30, 2007

How Much Clearer?

How much clearer could it get that we are making no progress in Iraq. On the one hand we have the Maliki government in Iraq purging its military of qualified commanders precisely because those commanders are effective at controlling Shite militias. But aren't the violent Shiite militias, the ones that would be aligned with Iran, one of our biggest problems? Certainly, according to reports, the Americans are not happy with this purge. This month is turning out to be the fourth deadliest month for the coalition. Sectarian violence in Baghdad goes on apace. What infrastructure rebuilding we did accomplish in the first years after the fall of Saddam are crumbling. The Bush administration itself is scaling back any talk of progress in Iraq.

Harry Reid is correct, George Bush's adventure in Iraq is a failure. We need to remove our forces from there as soon as is at all possible.



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