Thursday, April 26, 2007

Maryland Politics

A couple stories out of Maryland politics. Donna Edwards was a net roots hero in 2006, a true progressive Democrat seeking to unseat the current Democratic incumbent in Maryland's fourth House district Al Wynn. Wynn is rather closely tied to the DLC, insider Washington and corporate interests. There was a lot of buzz about her primary challenge that she nearly won. Well, via Freestatepolitics, it looks like she'll try again in '08. Whether or not her chances in '08 are better remains to be seen. She has proved that she is a contender and can run a respectable campaign. Will the progressive tide keep rising? We'll see.

Also from Freestatepolitics, it is reported that our senior Sen. Barbara Mikulski will endorse Hillary Clinton. I don't know how that will help Hillary in her national campaign overall, but having Mikulski's support her in Maryland will carry a fair bit of weight. As FSP reports too
There's a good deal of symbolism in this move. Besides being the most senior female U.S. Senator, Mikulski was also the first woman elected Senator in her own right -- i.e., she wasn't appointed or filling a dead husband's seat. Having her join the campaign to elect the first female President could be a enormous boost for Clinton, who already enjoys more support from women than from men. A recent debate in the American Prospect fleshes out that dynamic in more detail.



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