Monday, April 23, 2007

Maybe a Good Compromise

The Iraq War supplemental spending bills have been reconciled. The House and Senate have reached a deal. As John Aravosis puts it, "it's the House benchmarks and the Senate timetable for withdrawl." Looks like it might be a fine compromise. No caving to George Bush. Congress needs to stick to its guns and make the man sign it with the imposed restrictions, or follow through on his threat and veto it. There had been some talk around the internet that the reconciliation bill might be quite watered down. It seems like that is not the case.

Update: Via mcjoan at daily Kos here is a WaPo article on the bill. It looks like it is headed for a veto. The bill should reach Bush's desk by late Thursday. If it does get to Bush's desk on Thursday then he has until May 8 to veto it.

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