Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gonzales' future

Via Josh Marshall we learn a bit more about the status of Alberto Gonzales. The money quote Josh refers to is
Publicly, the White House was standing by its A.G. One White House adviser (who asked not to be ID'ed talking about sensitive issues) said the support reflected Bush's own view that a Gonzales resignation would embolden the Dems to go after other targets—like Karl Rove. "This is about Bush saying, 'Screw you'," said the adviser, conceding that a Gonzales resignation might still be inevitable. The trick, said the adviser, would be to find a graceful exit strategy for Bush's old friend.

As I've been saying, Bush is not going to let Alberto go, not easily. Now, I should point out that the reason here is not one of my reasons, but still, the idea that AG was going to leave however poorly he did with the Senators is misguided. The above quote indicates to me that prospects of Bush firing Gonzales are less than I previously thought. According to this adviser, the central issue is to find a "graceful exit strategy". Well with everyone calling for Gonzales to resign, in the harshest terms, there is no graceful strategy.



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