Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not Going Well for Alberto

Apparently things are not going too well for our AG Alberto Gonzales. This from Byron York is pretty damning, especially considering that this is from the NRO, generally pretty friendly terrain for members of the Bush Administration. In Byron York's words, for example
The major problem with his testimony is that Gonzales maintains, in essence, that he doesn’t know why he fired at least some of the eight dismissed U.S. attorneys.

or from Republican Senator Lindsey Graham
“Mr. Attorney General, most of this is a stretch,” Graham told Gonzales. “I think most of them [the U.S. attorneys] had personality disagreements with the White House, and you made up reasons to fire them.”

At this point it would seem that Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Sam Brownback, and Sen. Tom Coburn, solid conservatives all, have all been extremely critical of Gonzales. And by that I mean calling for him to resign or accusing him of lying. These aren't the only conservatives on the committee giving the AG a tough time and the Democrats are even less friendly. Alberto is having a bad day.

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