Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gonzales' future

Josh Marshall reports that the buzz is that Alberto Gonzales' stock has crashed. Atrios likewise reports that CNN is giving much the same analysis. Or you can see what Talk Left has to say, not good for the AG. Alberto is in trouble. However, as Josh also says
But let's not get distracted by Alberto Gonzales. He's just a cog. In almost every case, what we're talking about here is Gonzales's willingness to take orders from the White House -- most importantly from Karl Rove and President Bush -- on firing US Attorneys for corrupt purposes and using the Justice Department to suppress Democratic turnout in swing states. Mr. Gonzales is a secondary issue. The real players are in the White House.

The real players are in the White House. I'm not exactly willing to put money on it, but I expect that the White House's players are going to try and brazen this out, for a while longer at least. I think this is the case because I suspect that they cannot afford to try and replace Gonzales. There are many more secrets that they do not want to have come out, and with the current Congress they can not count on a sympathetic AG. Look, for example at what is happening with their new Secretary of Defense, here and here. An AG equally willing to buck the Administration would be a very big headache for these "players". I don't know how long they can hold out, but do not expect a resignation from Gonzales for several days yet, maybe much longer.

Update: I keep saying that our Boy George is not interested in firing Alberto Gonzales. It will be some time more, if ever, that he actually does the deed.

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