Saturday, April 21, 2007

DOJ Email Database

Over on Daily Kos one intrepid Kossack is gathering a team to create a searchable database of the DOJ US Attorney firings emails. I've put in some work and it is pretty easy, very interesting and should be quite useful. Follow the link and help out.

Just to name one interesting thing that has popped out to me in the short time I've been working on this. For all the right wing effort to push the "Clinton did it too" meme, I've had a chance to read specific emails from the Bush Administration principals who arranged the purge and what they had to say about the Clinton firings. For example, Paul McNulty had this to say, on March 04, 2007, about the difference between the Clinton firings and the Bush purge
On the issue of the Clinton USAs, we called each one and had them give us a timeframe. Most were gone by late April. In contrast, Clinton DOJ told all but a dozen in early March to be gone immediately. I would have someone run it by Margolis if were going to use this.

As I wrote here, the only striking thing about the Clinton firings was the manner (or manners) used in executing it. It was otherwise, just like every other new Administration replacing US Attorneys.

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