Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Immunity for Monica

Goodling that is. Well the earlier predictions have panned out and the House Judiciary committee will subpoena Monica Goodling's testimony, with immunity. As she faces no prospect of incriminating herself, that's what the immunity does, she has no grounds to refuse her testimony. Monica was very much in the middle of the planning for and execution of the purge. I know this because I've been working on a project to review all the emails in the various document dumps and develop a database (follow the link to help out) to keep track of who wrote what to whom. Nearly all the emails, and certainly all the major developments that I've seen, include Monica in the from, to, or cc line. She was in the middle of it and will now testify, under oath and with immunity. Should be fun. Keep in mind that here reason for pleading the fifth was to avoid incriminating herself. At this point she can only incriminate herself for refusing to testify or for testifying falsely.

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