Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do not pass go, do not collect $200

Well Scooter will get to prepare his appeals from behind bars. U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton has ruled against the defense motion to have Scooter out on bail pending his appeals. Like most people convicted of crimes such as his, he will start serving his sentence while his appeals are in progress. There will be an emergency appeal filed by the defense to the court of appeals to block Walton's ruling. But if that fails, Scooter will be reporting to jail in the next 40-60 days. Walton was not convinced that Scooter stood much chance of having his conviction reversed on appeal, hence the requirement that he start serving his sentence. Walton was also not favorably swayed to Scooter's position by the volume of threatening mail sent to the judge by supporters of Libby.

Now the right wing will no doubt go crazy over this, even more than they already have. All those who are beside themselves with wrath over thought of people gaining citizenship who have broken the law to get here are equally beside themselves over the thought of a man who they like, and who obstructed justice to cover up potentially very serious crimes, serving a term in prison. The conservative mind is a strange place. Also, the pressure will now be on Bush to pardon Mr. Libby. Well I've said that Bush will pardon him, but when I'm not sure. Once Scooter actually starts serving his term in jail the pressure on Bush to pardon will be very great. As I said, I'm on record expecting the pardon, but many others think that Bush will happily let Scooter rot. I have to admit that with this administration, it is a tough call. They might well let him sit in jail. We'll see.



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