Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why Adverse to War?

Atrios brings up a good point via a childhood experience, which illustrates a thought I've had. We on the left, for the most part, are quite adverse to war for all the oft discussed reasons, not wanting to kill people or destroy things, all that stuff. But is also the case, that the wingnuts oddly don't seem to understand, that when words are being exchanged, even very harsh words, you can take them back, if later you decide you went to far in what you said. Bullets, however, don't give you that option (with the possible exception of friends of Dick Cheney).

If you get into a quarrel with a neighbor, you might call him all sorts of terrible things, and yet still be able to make up with him if later you discover that he was not so much the source of your injury as you had originally thought. That option is most likely not available, however, if in the course of your quarrel, you shoot him.

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