Friday, September 05, 2008

Walter Reed Middle School?

As reported by TPM it would appear that the McCain campaign got the Walter Reed Medical Center with the Walter Reed Middle School, at least for McCain's back drop for his acceptance speech. The story so far is that for the acceptance speech backdrop the McCain team wanted a view of the Walter Reed Medical Center as a kind of reference to wounded troops from Iraq. However, they went about getting the image they got a picture instead of a Middle School in California which also carries the name Walter Reed.

Now this may seem like a really foolish and avoidable error, and it is. However, I think that it is exactly the kind of thing one might expect from the McCain team. To avoid this kind of error, you really need to have someone find the material, and someone else check the work with a critical eye. I've written on a number of occasions on critical review as a basic and essential tool for reaching correct conclusions. It seems to me that the current conservative crowd is ideologically opposed to critical review. Much of what we've seen over the past seven years has been shaped by the refusal of the Bush/Cheney administation to subject their gut reactions to any kind of critical review. From the treatment of all outside questions regarding the Iraq war, to the Cheney stovepiping of intelligence, to Bush's isolation from questioning during the '04 campaign, and may other examples, this administration has refused to consider review of its decisions. It looks to me like the McCain team takes the same approach and therefore one can only expect many more of these kinds of avoidable mistakes.

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