Monday, March 02, 2009

Rush Rules

This is amazing. (For the original see here). It would appear that Michael Steele has already caved-in on his criticism of Rush Limbaugh on Saturday. No one, it would seem, dares to criticize the great Rush Limbaugh, who now clearly is the voice of and intellectual (as it were) center of the Republican party. What is truly increadible about this is that Rush has never commanded, or spoken for, more than a large fraction of the Republican party. He might well have been, over the years, the effective leader of the largest faction within the Republican party, but I doubt that it has ever been that a majority of Republicans identify with him as the effective leader of the Party. Additionally, of course, to be effective the Republican party needs to capture the support of a fair number of non-Republicans. In spite of this the party is now effectively welded at the hip to Rush Limbaugh. No part of the part, nor its leadership, dare cross his will. I think that the Republicans will once again, in 2010, go with a crazed right winger. We shall see.

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