Monday, September 19, 2005

Liberal Options on John Roberts

Here is a problem that Liberals seem to have in trying to get their message across, that I don't understand. Why does it seem that the only options liberals have on something like John Roberts for Chief Justice are "waxing hysterical" or voting to confirm. Various groups and folks are arguing that he is a complete right wing nut and will strip us all of all civil rights. Others seem to be saying that he is not that bad so we should vote to confirm because we will never succeed at keeping him off the bench. Is there really no basis whatsoever for a level-headed and dispassionate opposition to John Roberts? From the mood of the country now it might be a good idea for the Democrats to argue that Bush is so clearly taking the country so far in the wrong direction that they can no longer support his government. Until there is substantive and wide ranging reforms in the way the executive does business the Democrats will not be supporting George Bush. This position is not, in any rational sense, hysterical, but it is opposition. I just feel that the opposition party should well, you know, oppose something.

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