Monday, October 17, 2005

Democratic message control

Ok, the article which generated this idea is almost a month old, but nonetheless I want to get it down and it kind of links with the last post.

Consider this post by Josh Marshall.
He points out that the staff members answer phones for a given congressman or woman won't be in any position to answer questions as to where the congress person stands on new, breaking issues. In this example the He writes about how individual congressmen and women often don't have position on new and breaking issues, in this case the president's Gulf Coast Wage Cut, until the higher ups on the staff put together a press release. This is expected, but is frustrating for constituents who call up to get the congress persons position and looks bad for the representative. Now what I'm thinking is this, why doesn't the leadership of the Democratic Party prepare such statements and distribute them around to their members. That is, have a single office run by the leadership that will put out statements consistent with the leadership position. Members would be free to use these position papers or not. However, there would be many advantages, as seen by ones constituents, speed of response for example, which would make using the statements desirable. This would also help with message control and party discipline which the Democrats could use.

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