Monday, May 22, 2006

Get the Right Attitude

The post linked to over at TAPPED is the kind of thing that drives me nuts. In response to the changing electoral prospects for the Democrats, Ezra writes "The likeliest outcomes are moderate gains, improvements that looked impossible mere months ago, but will now be seen as yet another lackluster performance by a party unable to take advantage of its good luck." Which is the outlook that brings us so much electoral failure. This news should provoke two responses among Democrats.

First, Democrats have not been predicting a takeover of the House, we are indeed realistic and recognize that what with redistricting and gerrymandering, a takeover will be a tough fight. We know, given the abject failure that has characterized the Republican Party these past several years that we will make gains, but takeover will be difficult. If the Republicans are now saying, however, that their standard of victory is simply to maintain control then that is excellent new. It means that they admit that the expectation should be a Democratic takeover and they are admitting to the complete failure that has been their governance.

Secondly we should be making clear in every district that the Republicans are making clear that they will consider it a victory, and therefore continue with their ruinous policies, dragging the country in the wrong direction, if they keep even a one seat majority. No one can count on the Republicans changing their failed policies by even the smallest amount even if they receive significant losses. You can not count that Republican losses in other districts will redirect the party in a better direction. Rather, you must do everything you can to insure that your district does not send a Republican to the House.

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