Monday, May 22, 2006


As we all know, there exists a fairly major divide in this nation regarding politics (although with Bush's poll numbers at their current dismal lows, the one faction is getting rather small). Passionate Republicans and passionate Democrats just do not seem to understand each other. I had a thought that might help some folks understand this divide. Republicans have been arguing lately that the President has absolute authority to declassify any national secrets at any time, essentially at his pleasure. Furthermore, no one has any business reviewing or approving these decisions. Republicans have also made clear in the recent past that they believe that a deep threat exists to the safety of the Republic, a threat that must be countered with the strongest possible measures, if the President should, solely on his own authority alter the staffing of the White House Travel Office. We Democrats are generally of the opinion that no group of people who hold both these views can be considered sane. I mean, it is not just that together they are wrong or ridiculous. These two beliefs together are, in fact, insane.

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