Monday, June 26, 2006


It should not be surprising that moderate Republicans will start to leave the Republican party as the far Right takes over the party. The far right of is a minority opinion and many long time Republicans will see that they have no future in the party as the Religious right takes over. It is also hardly surprising that where the Religious right has been strong for so long, Kansas, the switch is starting first. There will be a lot more defections like this over the next few years.

One important lesson though is that the Democrats need to avoid getting themselves all tied up in these issues, like evolution and even gay marriage. The national Democrats need to stand on the right side of these issues and fight for what is right, but the issues are primarily local, not national and the critical issues are the economy, national security and health care.

Daily Kos: Kansas Republican Moderates Are Switching To The Democrats And Rejecting Extremist Neocons

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